We are passionate and enthusiastic, intelligent and reliable, in equal measure.

Our creative work is beautifully crafted, memorable and effective.

Our photographic and film work has a WOW factor for emotive impact.

And our copy blends research and emotion, brevity with detail and eloquence with engagement, to convey a clear message.

When it comes to strategic thinking, we can meet your brief perfectly, or help to create a communication plan that will achieve your goals.

Our soul focus is to reach your target audience and inspire them.

How we work

The M partnership was created in 2000; although our team has more than 250 years of combined creative and strategic experience.

Our business make-up is unique. Dedicated Project Directors manage all work from an efficiently run business hub in Worcestershire. However, we are able to accommodate a wide variety of projects . . . with a little help from our friends . . .

Our Directors always aim to make the best first impression and then build a strong and productive working relationship from there. We never send in the ‘big guns’ to secure work and then pass it down to junior members of staff - Who you meet, is who you work with.

We enjoy working as a part of a clients own team and taking a supportive role. If we are better placed to manage a project, we can effectively become your external marketing department. Most importantly, you decide and we deliver.

We have a large team of approved creative partners, each of whom are ready to apply their unique talents to our work. They include design studios, Mac art workers, illustrators, copy writers, web engineers, specialist media buyers, photographers, cameramen and print houses. This enables us to operate as a fully resourced Creative Consultancy without a large number of employees on permanent staff. Crucially, our clients know that they will only pay for the services they need, when they need them; whilst a dedicated but adaptable service is maintained by our Directors at one project management centre.

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